It is with great gratitude that we can finally announce this exciting news: DOG.EAT.PLANT. goes La France!

La Plage is the publisher who dares to go on this adventure with us. For that, they deserve applause! This story deserves to be launched into the world. It is a story that contributes to the health of dogs and the Earth. But that is not the only reason why we wrote DOG.EAT.PLANT..

There is certainly something very special about the bond that has developed between humans and dogs over thousands of years. Although it has brought many challenges, at least humans have had the chance to learn to love and care for another creature that looks and behaves differently from themselves.

It is not that dogs are more special or smarter than pigs or cows or any other creature, it is more that humans (in general) and dogs have been given the time to figure out how to live together. First because of a mutual benefit which later evolved into a relationship built on love. Humans learned to open their hearts to these four-legged friends (in the West at least and again in general). Many other animals have simply not had this opportunity. With their first breath, their future is already decided and death by humans is their fate, because they look different, because humans decided to love one animal and kill others.

So that is why we wrote DOG.EAT.PLANT. Because we believe that one creature should not have to live a worthless life and die so that another can live, when it is clear that this is not necessary. We’re not bypassing the nature of dogs with this vegan message, we’re emphasising that dogs – scientifically proven – evolved, that their digestive systems have been adapted over the centuries to digest starch and so that they have the potential to live happy and healthy lives on a plant-based diet, a diet that enables others to… live.

And this of course applies not only to dogs but also to humans. We too do not need animal products for a healthy and happy life. So, let’s stand up, two- and four-legged, driven by the power of plants, and give all other creatures a chance at a life we all long for….

Check out the French edition of DOG.EAT.PLANT.!

A big shout out to La Plage, our international agent Julia from Shared Stories, and of course Janneke, who saved us once again ;-).

Driven by our mission for a kinder world, we continue.

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