A plant-based diet for dogs isn’t the next food fad and it also isn’t some crazy idea by a group of happy vegans (although we love happy vegans, oh wait, we are those happy vegans 😆).

It is a diet supported by scientists, food specialists and vets from all over the world. Indeed not all vets are on board yet, and you may encounter a vet who does not support your choice, but this mainly has to do with the information. In our book, we give you some tools on how to deal with these kinds of situations. But we do recommend to always inform your vet, so he can be the best healing partner for your hairy buddy. Fortunately, though we are seeing more and more vets hopping on the plant-based dog train, ‘cause they are seeing doggies heal from specific ailments by this diet when nothing else seemed to work or they have read the science and have adjusted their opinion.
Therefore we are so grateful that one of our most beloved and favorite vets of The Netherlands read our book and had some wonderful words to say about it:

‘I was sceptical about feeding dogs a plant-based diet, but after digging into it, I’m a supporter of it. Eating animals and animal products causes animal suffering and harm the environment, I try to reduce this as much as possible, and now my dog can participate too. Lisette and Rick explain in this book that nothing has to be compromised in terms of food quality, palatability and health for our four-legged friends. Highly recommended and great for two- and four-legged to enjoy. Reducing animal suffering and therefore eating fewer animal products is the future for humans and animals.’

Thank you Piet Hellemans 🙏.

Here is a list of vets and specialists world wide we know of that actively promote a plant-based diet for dogs:


Richard Pitcairn
Armaiti May
Ernie Ward
Lisa Watlher
Lorelei Wakefield
Andrew Knight
Erik Heylen


Jan Allegretti
Diana Laverdure-Dunetz
Esther Hagen-Plantinga