The U.S. has about 333 million human inhabitants and 75 million dogs. In 2017, American researcher Gregory Okin calculated that at the time the 78 million dogs living in America ate an amount of meat that could have fed 49 million people (apart from the fact that we think that humans should not eat animal products at all). That is the same number of people as all the inhabitants of Spain. The point is that the contribution of dogs to meat consumption is significant. Their paw print is rather huge. Not something the dog can do anything about, but something we can actually change!

We know that dogs can thrive on a plant-based diet. And fortunately, all climate scientists now know that one of the things we need to do for the climate is to switch to a plant-powered way of eating. Because dogs account for such a significant proportion of meat consumption, they will need to make the switch as well if we are to minimize the effects of climate change and, of course, animal suffering.

So let’s lower that sweet paw print of our furry friends! Let’s enjoy our lives together while serving ourselves as well as them incredible yummy vegan meals. And in return, the four-leggeds will enjoy the good company and the wonderful healthy food we are serving them while contributing to our planet’s incredible nature.

Toby is already on a roll. Together with his human friend Marcella he enjoys endurance trails and has been loving his plant-powered foods for over 4 years now.

Read Okin’s research here.