Why this book? 📖 Dog.Eat.Plant. is written by authors Rick and Lisette. Today Lisette Kreischer shares about her why behind the book. 🐶

Lisette: “When Mr. Pooh crossed my path about 11 years ago I decided to feed him a plant based diet. The research back then was minimal, but I found incredible stories about dogs who where thriving on plants. I also learned that dogs aren’t the wolfs anymore we sometimes tend to believe. They have been living beside humans and therefor eating what humans have been eating for a very long time. This has enabled them to digest plant based starches and thrive on a diverse diet including fruits, vegetables and grains. Well Mr. Pooh certainly enjoyed the food very much and the years that followed indeed proved that the diet supported his every needs.

Years later, when he was an old man, he started to develop some issues. I re-examined his diet and turned back on the subject of vegan dogs once again. I found much new affirmative scientific information about dogs on a plant based diet. At that time also more vets started to speak out about the health significance of plant foods for dogs. With all this new data in mind I started to cook for Mr. Pooh; organic veggies, grains, beans, seaweed, etc. He again enjoyed the food and his issues seemed to go away.

Right now he is 14,5 and enjoying his senior years.

I really wanted to add to the world one more positive story about a vegan dog, showing that also for dogs no animal has to be killed, and that we have finally arrived in an ara that serves us much new information, amazing supplements and awesome recipes for a well balanced vegan diet for our four legged furry friends.” 🌱

We look forward to share Rick’s personal story about his why behind the Dog.Eat.Plant.! Stay tuned! 🐾