When after 17 years Hèlen’s biggest friend in life passed away, she knew she wanted to offer another furry being a chance at life. So still a bit sore from her huge loss she started flirting with dog rescue organizations. Late at night Diesel caught her eye. Drawn to this creature she knew she had to meet him. The next morning she was on her way to the facility where Diesel lived. When she arrived at the place and Diesel was brought in she saw a 44 kilo giant of a dog coming towards her. Happy and joyful as he was, she knew instantly that his name should be Scooby-Doo.

Short after their date, the vet discovered that Scooby had an allergy to animal protein. Hèlen, being a long time vegan activist, knew then and there that she and Scooby were a match made in heaven. Fortunately, she already had the right food for him at home. From the beginning, she had made the choice to feed Scooby a plant-based diet, because she already knew that dogs can perfectly thrive on plants.

Meanwhile, Scooby and Hèlen have been happily living together for more than two years. Scooby is healing from his past trauma and he loves his plant foods. Recently they discovered the brand Greta, which is now Scooby’s favorite. Another favourite of Scooby is running. And the wonderful thing is, this is Hèlen’s most favourite activity too. So together they run an average of 25 km weekly.

Later Hèlen learned that dogs like Scooby end up sitting in dog shelters for a long time. They are more difficult dogs to place in a home because of their hugeness and character (Scooby is super sweet but can feel the need to protect as well and that is all fun when you have a dog that weighs 8 kilo’s, but not 44). Fortunately, because of his one on one with Helen, his plant-based diet, his running Scooby is enjoying life to the fullest and will never have to see a shelter again.

Last week Hèlen and Scooby featured beside author Lisette in radio show Chris Natuurlijk to talk about a plant-based diet for dogs. You can listen to the show here (between 18 and 26 min.).