We have some good news over here!✨

Dogs can eat plants! Dogs actually do very well on plants! This because dogs need nutrients not ingredients. They evolved alongside humans for thousands of years adapting to eating a starchy rich diet. Yay for humans because they now can choose to feed their beloved furry friends a compassionate diet existing of… plants.. and only plants!🌱

Do you have a dog that is still eating meat? Get on board of the plant train and ride with us into a sustainable future. It isn’t actually hard to transition your companion animal from a meat-based to a plant-based diet. In DOG.EAT.PLANT. we give you all the tools and tricks.

But here we would not want to hold back on one magical trick and it is called UMAMI!

Umami, the magic word in the dog’s plant kitch (and in the humans vegan kitch as well!). Umami, in addition to sweet, sour, salty and bitter, is a taste experience and therefore is also called the fifth taste.

How to? Umami rich foods are for example miso, soy sauce, fermented vegetables, yeast flakes, tomato (puree), seaweed and everything smoked, like smoked paprika powder, smoked tofu, or smoked vegan sausage.

So yeah be sure to drench (always in moderation) the plant food the first weeks with the U word and your doggy will jump his bowl for sure. Why umami-rich foods in the first weeks, because… you know no one likes change, no human, no dog. 🐾

*note: it speaks for itself that you choose wisely for your furry child. Always everything in moderation, low in salt and fat and well just healthy (and preferably organic). In the book, we treat this topic in depth.