There is something truly special about the bond that evolved between humans and dogs over thousands of years. Although it has brought many challenges at least humans got a chance to deeply love and care for another being that seemingly doesn’t look or act like him/herself.

It isn’t that dogs are more special, more extraordinary or smarter than pigs or cows or any other being, it is just that humans and dogs got time to figure out how to live together from a place of love and for humans to open their hearts to these four-leggeds. The other animals just did not get this chance. With their first breaths, their futures have already been decided and death by man is their fate, because they look different, because humans decided to love dogs and kill the others. 

That is why we wrote DOG.EAT.PLANT.. Because we believe all beings deserve a chance in and of life. Because we believe one being should not have to live a crappy life and die so another can live. And because it isn’t necessary. We are not bypassing the dog’s nature to spread the vegan message, we are highlighting they are scientifically proven evolved nature, their adapted digestive system to digest starches and so their potential to live happily and healthy on a plant-based diet, a diet enabling others to live.

And this goes not only for dogs, of course, but this also goes for humans as well. We do not need meat to thrive, dogs do not need meat to thrive. So let’s stand together, two- and four-legged, be strong on the power of plants and give all the other beings a chance to a happy and healthy life, a life we all long for. Haven’t embraced a plant-based diet yet?

For the dog, we wrote DOG.EAT.PLANT., for humans we highly recommend starting a vegan diet in January by doing Veganuary

Ps: this babe was rescued from slaughter in 2020 and now lives the rest of her natural life at De Nobele Hoeve.